TEQIP-III sponsored FDP on Novel Perspective in Technologies for Micro-pollutant Removal from Aqueous System – NIT Calicut

TEQIP-III sponsored FDP on Novel Perspective in Technologies for Micro-pollutant Removal from Aqueous System organized by  National Institute of Technology Calicut during 20-01-2020 to 25-01-2020.

College Name: National Institute of Technology Calicut

Event Name: TEQIP-III sponsored FDP on Novel Perspective in Technologies for Micro-pollutant Removal from Aqueous System

Event Start Date: 20-01-2020

Organized by: Department of Chemical Engg.

Objectives of the Programme: Many emerging pollutants are constantly released to water sources due to acute/chronic toxicity, disrupt endocrine functions, alter aquatic ecosystem and increase the resistance of bacteria. The removal of pollutants from aquatic environment is not complete due to its . The pollutants can be traced to pharmaceutical products, personal health care products, pesticides, chemicals like preservatives, sweeteners etc. It is important to understand how these pollutants are transported by bulk transport or diffusion transport in order to mitigate the threat. The membrane based treatments are successfully matured to be employed commercially-especially the pressure driven processes. In addition, secondary treatments like photocatalysis, use of microbes for degradation and subsequent generation of electricity by use of microbial fuel cells, use of fluidized bed reactors etc. go a long way to degrade these pollutants into harmless by products like CO2 and water. Novel membrane techniques like membrane distillation and forward osmosis utilize low grade heat and has theoretically 100 % rejection. Further, micropollutants can be separated utilizing a superhydrophobic membrane prepared by an electrospinning technique. The process of preparing microporous electrospun membranes is of great significance to address the growing concerns of micropollutants in aquatic sources.

Course Contents: The training programme will briefly cover the following topics:
1. Emerging pollutants in water
2. Mechanism of transport and transformation of pollutants
3. Environmental modelling of pollutants
4. Novel Secondary treatment of pollutants- Advanced oxidation processess, microbial fuel cells, fluidized bed bioreactors
5. Membrane based separation- application of MF, UF, NF and RO
6. Advanced membrane synthesis techniques-Electrospinning
7. Potential membrane applications (low energy input)- membrane distillation, forward osmosis, fuel cells, emulsion liquid membranes, adsorptive membranes, photocatalytic membranes and membrane reactors

Eligibility: Faculty members, Ph.D scholars, students from various AICTE approved Engineering Colleges/Institutions, working professionals and practicing engineers from various Research Organizations and Industries and Research Scholars working in chemical/ environmental engineering/ electrochemistry/
chemistry/ nanotechnology can apply.


Registration Fees:

  • TEQIP Institutions
    Faculty – Rs 5000.00
    Technical staff & Scholars – Rs 3000.00
    Students – Rs 2000.00
    Industry – Rs 8000.00
  • Non-TEQIP Institutions
    Faculty – Rs 3000.00
    Technical staff & Scholars – Rs 1000.00
    Students – Rs 500.00

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