Sri Aurobindo Mira Group of Educational Institutions Wanted Public Relations Officer

Job Title: PRO (Public Relations Officer)


Institute: Sri Aurobindo Mira Group of Educational Institutions

Location: Nehru Nagar, Madurai

Job Description:

Primary Purpose:
A Public Relations Officer (PRO) is a vital member of an organization’s management team. Their responsibilities include communication, media relations, crisis management, event planning, and community and stakeholder relations. By effectively managing these responsibilities, PROs can help organizations build and maintain positive relationships with the public, media, and other stakeholders. This guide has provided a comprehensive overview of the duties and responsibilities of a PRO, and by understanding these responsibilities, organizations can ensure they have the right person in this important role.

Qualifications: Any Degree

Experience: Minimum 5 years’ experience

Job Description:

Effective communication and media relations are essential for any organization. Public Relations Officers (PROs) are responsible for creating and maintaining relationships with the media, as well as developing and implementing communication strategies.

  • Identifying target audiences
  • Setting communication goals and objectives
  • Developing a messaging strategy
  • Identifying communication channels

Writing and Editing Materials

  • Writing press releases, speeches, and other materials
  • Proofreading and editing materials
  • Ensuring materials are accurate, clear, and consistent

Media Relations

Crisis Management

  • A crisis can happen at any time, and it is crucial for organizations to be prepared. Public Relations Officers (PROs) play a key role in crisis management, developing and implementing crisis communication plans, managing crisis situations, and providing guidance to management. In this section, we will explore the responsibilities of PROs in crisis management.

Event Planning

Event Coordination and Logistics

Community and Stakeholder Relations

  • Building and maintaining relationships with the community and other stakeholders
  • Developing and implementing community engagement strategies
  • Providing information and support to stakeholders
  • Identifying and addressing community concerns and issues
  • Developing and implementing strategies to build trust and credibility

Job Location: Nehru Nagar, Madurai

Pay scale: as per Norms

Email: [email protected]

Postal address: Sri Aurobindo Mira Group of Educational Institutions, Bye pass Road,

Nehru Nagar, Madurai -625019

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