ONLINE Academic Leadership Workshop for HODs/Deans/Vice Principals/Principals/Deputy Directors/Directors

Event Date: 18th to 27th November 2020.

Facilitator: Prof S L Satheesh Kumar
* Certified Facilitator for DDI’s (Development Dimensions International) Learning Systems
* Harvard Business Publishing Certified Facilitator
* Dale Carnegie Certified HIPS (High Impact Presentation Skills) & HITS (High Impact Teaching Skills) Trainer
* Certified by Cambridge International to train Teachers and Trainers

Leadership in education space influences quality of learning through institutional building. Successful institution building requires academic leaders to innovate, inspire and transform institutions by working through constraints, adapting to changing global environment and expectations from all stakeholders. The key objectives of this specially designed  Academic Leadership Workshop(ALW) training program for the Academic leaders include Developing Academic leaders who would be Icons of Education in India & a representative example of Global Academic Leadership, Creating an awareness of Leadership competencies and equipping with necessary skills with the help of internationally benchmarked contents.

The 21st century learners need more than lectures to be stimulated to acquire the myriad concepts, processes and principles related to the subject. This is because today’s learner is unlike the learner of the past generation who enjoyed and learnt best by listening. They want to be involved in the learning process instead of just listening and behaving like sponges. In order that they are involved in the learning process it is essential for the teacher to understand how he / she can best understand the diverse ways in which learners demonstrate their intellectual ability other than the conventional ways of linguistic and mathematical abilities. Also, the teacher today has to comprehend that each learner in his/her class is at different learning levels i.e., while some learners enjoy and / or are quick to comprehend difficult and complex subject ideas others may take time and/or not enjoy the same levels of subject complexities.

Moreover, besides keeping in mind the personality and nature of the new generation knowledge consumer, the teachers of today also need to acknowledge the demands of the industry from a graduating engineer who is no longer contented with basic subject knowledge. The teacher being sufficiently aware of the industry demands needs to now also prepare his/her learners to be equipped beyond classrooms and exams. Against this backdrop it is thus essential that the 21st century teacher too gravitates towards understanding the existing learner diversity in his/her classroom as well as expose the learners to higher orders of thinking skills.

The main topics of the ALW are:

Essentials of Leadership : Catalyst Leadership, Leadership styles, Leader Vs Manager, Key Principles, Interaction process, STAR/STARAR feedback

Delegation for Results: What to delegate, To whom to delegate, How to transfer responsibility, How to measure results and monitor progress, How to overcome barriers to delegating

Making effective Decisions: What are Decision traps, How to avoid decision traps, process of Decision making, planning/making/monitoring decisions etc

Deeper Learning:

(1) LOTS- Lower order thinking skills and HOTS-Higher order thinking skills

(2) Levels of Learning: Remembering, Understanding, Applying, Analyzing, Evaluating, Creating- Dr Benjamin Bloom’s Taxonomy

(3) Deep Learning Vs Surface Learning

Self Learning: Need for Self learning, Self Learning ecosystem

Innovative Teaching-Learning Methodologies: Role Play, PBL-Project Based Learning/Problem Based Learning, Demonstration, Analogy, Use of Technology in the classroom,Brainstorming, Case Study Discussion, Debate, Quiz, Games, Impersonation, Mnemonics, Puzzles, Activity based learning, Interactive learning, Experiential learning etc

Attributes of Global Engineer as per Washington Accord and Graduate attributes as per NBA

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